My First Passenger

My second oldest son Eli was my first passenger in June of 2012. He was 6 years old at the time. He has an older brother but he was a little nervous and decided not to come with us.  We flew from Salt Lake International airport over the Great Salt Lake and into the Tooele valley.  We flew over my brothers house and then returned back to the Salt Lake Airport.

Eli and me


That is the Great Salt Lake behind Eli

This is looking down over Tooele

I let Eli fly the airplane for a minute. He flew to the left and right and up and down. He was a little nervous but thought it was pretty cool. After the flight I asked Eli what his favorite part was and he said it was the water. I took this video asking some follow up questions.  I love his lisp, it is gone now but I got a kick watching this video.


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