Getting my Shop In Order

Up to this point in my life I haven’t really needed my garage to be a shop. But in preparation to build an airplane in the garage I am turning my garage into a shop. First thing I needed was better lighting. I was able to pick up some LED ceiling lights from Costco that work great. Next, after some research I realized I needed to build a 2 foot by 8 foot work bench.  I ended up ordering work bench on Amazon. It comes with the connectors and you buy the wood. I had Eli and Porter help me with measuring and putting the bench together. The finished product is awesome. The nice thing about this set is you can make the workbench whatever dimensions you want.

Video: Eli unloading lumber

  Porter measuring and marking cuts on middle shelf.  We are cutting the middle shelf to two 30″ pieces and one 36″ piece. This allows us to configure the middle shelf any way we want.

Video: Porter measuring for the cuts


  Chalking the line for the skill saw

  Finished work bench with Chairs from Ikea

  Finished work bench with chairs from Ikea

I also replaced one outlet and wired two more outlets so I would have electricity all the way along the bench. My final touch was to build an attached shelf over the table and attach two led lights so I would have plenty of light. This also allows me to store some miscellaneous tools within easy reach.

Finished project with lights.

Added one more 8 foot bench to make an L.  Both tables are fairly light and easy to move.  I decided to remove the middle shelf to make more leg room when sitting and allow easier access for larger items on the bottom shelf.  Very sturdy and nice work benches and very cost effective.

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