About this Menu

Like all of you, I have my successes and failures. I appreciate it when others share their experiences so I can learn from them. I created this website and blog to help people shorten their learning curve by learning from my successes and struggles.

I am an achiever, I find meaning and self-worth through achieving objectives and helping others. I love helping others, it makes me feel happy and have a greater purpose. This personality trait has driven me to accomplish some cool things. I am a husband and father, I earned my MBA, I am a business owner, a private pilot, an early adopter, I am debt free (thanks to stumbling on to Dave Ramsey’s ideas several years ago), I have a great job that I enjoy, I live in a modest house in a wonderful neighborhood with absolutely incredible neighbors. I believe in God and have found a faith that I believe strongly in. I have a happy life, and from many perspectives and in certain areas of my life I have been “successful”. Like everyone though, I have rough edges and issues. There are things I am not proud of, there are people I have offended, but I am trying to make my weaknesses become strengths.

Wheel of Life

Zig Ziglar talks about a wheel of life. He suggests that we need to have balance in these areas of our life. If we are missing an area the wheel of life doesn’t roll as well because we have a flat spot. I have arranged this blog so that the menu across the top of the blog reflect tools I am using in each area to keep my tire rounded. Perhaps a tool, or something I am using will be helpful to you too. The blog on this website will explore projects or ideas I am working on, either at home or at work, and tools I am trying to develop.

I think we all struggle to find balance, peace, success, and love in this life. Everyone is on a personal journey. Hopefully, I can share one or two things that might be useful in your life. I know I gain strength and learn a lot when others are willing to share their personal experiences with me. Perhaps one of my strengths, weaknesses, or weaknesses overcome will help someone on their journey. If nothing else, this will help me contemplate, plan, and achieve my mission in life.