About Me

My name is Rich Slack and I am an entrepreneur and self described “corporate blacksmith”. I assess the needs and challenges of a business to create tools, policies, procedures, and training to make business processes flow smoothly. I use a variety of tools including Adobe products, Microsoft products, Salesforce, Skuid, Articulate, and other specialty products. I am a skilled negotiator and an excellent communicator. I am a certified Financial Counselor, and a private pilot. I am passionate about life and love solving problems. I am constantly learning new skills that will help me solve the next problem. I throw myself into projects that are way over my head and then I work like crazy to get my head above water. I have done it so many times that I am confident in my ability to carry out any task I set my mind to. If I don’t know the answer I will find it.

I am the Chief Financial and Marketing Officer of Chrysalis, a company that provides 24 hour care for people with intellectual disabilities, and the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Meridian Meds LLC, a closed door pharmacy focusing on long term care facilities.