Rich Slack

Category: BeeKeeping

Putting the Bees in my Hive

Last Saturday I was able to bring my bee packages home from Knight’s Honey. ¬†They used Bee-Bus packages this year which are made from recycled bags. ¬†They are very cool and you simply recycle them when you are done. Here…

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Beekeeping Classes Update

So I attended a two night beekeeping course that was given by Knight Family Honey. After attending the class I feel much more prepared to take on beekeeping. Their information was very informative. They taught us how to check the…

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Beekeeping and the FlowHive Revolution

I have been interested in beekeeping for a long time. A couple of years ago I purchased Beekeeping For Dummies and also enrolled in a community course at Utah Valley University. Unfortunately, I ended up not pursuing beekeeping that year…

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