Personal Bucket List

Having dreams and goals in life creates energy, purpose, and something to look forward to. Without dreams we fall into the circular trap of driving to work to make money, making money to pay for the car and buying the car so we can get to work. Here are a few of the things, listed in no particular order, I am working on in my bucket list:

Currently In Process

  1. Build an airplane (after some research the Rans S20 Raven).
  2. Raising bees to make honey

Not Yet Started

  1. Paragliding introductory flight
  2. Scuba certified
  3. Fly to Canyonlands airstrip and fly over dead horse point and arches national park (CNY)
  4. Get extremely fit
  5. Skydiving certified
  6. IFR License (instrument rating for pilots)
  7. Be able to play every hymn in the hymn book
  8. Start a consulting company to help small to medium-sized businesses succeed
  9. Fly a Cirrus SR22 to see how it flies
  10. Possibly teach at a university
  11. Glass blowing intro class


  1. Private Pilot’s license First flight May 5 2011. Started ground school at Cornerstone Aviation May 14, 2011. June 21, 2011 first solo take off and landings a KTVY Tooele airport. Earned a 100% passing score on the written exam. Solo flight from KSLC, Salt Lake International, to KLGU, Logan Ut, on Aug 23, 2011. Long cross country solo from KSLC, Salt Lake International, to KCDC, Cedar City UT and then KSGU, St. George Utah and back home again on September 03, 2011. Passed the oral and flight tests, administered by Clair Shaffer on June 28, 2012 flying out of KSLC, Salt Lake International Airport. There is a lot more to learn then I thought going into it. Many have said a pilots license is really a license to learn since there is so much you can and need to learn after getting your license. It has been a very fun and challenging hobby. This is the biggest bucket list item I have ever knocked off.
  2. Dave Ramsy Certified Counselor completed October 25th-30th 2010 in Nashville Tennessee at Financial Peace Plaza
  3. Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Workplace Trainer Certification completed October 31-Nov 2, 2007 in Nashville Tennessee at Financial Peace Plaza.
  4. Urban Warfare Center’s Defensive Handguns Level 2 completed March 18, 2009
  5. Urban Warfare Center’s Defensive Hand Gun Course completed February 13, 2009
  6. Concealed weapons permit completed August 2007
  7. Tandem Skydiving completed 2001 over Ogden, Utah.

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